Designer Cottage

Designer Cottage


Nestled in the heart of Murree, Snow Pines presents the epitome of luxury living with the Designer Cottage. This remarkable retreat sets a new standard for indulgence, boasting lavish amenities and meticulously curated interiors. With its awe-inspiring vistas and harmonious blend of elegance and comfort, the Designer Cottage provides an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature while relishing the sophistication and refinement that Snow Pines offers. Discover a haven of opulence where every moment is a celebration of sheer bliss.

Land: 1350 sq.ft (150 yards)
Covered Land: 22×28′ 6” ( Double Story )
Covered Area : 1000 sq.ft.


Ground Floor
LivingRoom, Terrace, Kitchen & Bedroom ( Attached Bathroom )

First Floor
Master Bedroom

1-2 Vehicles